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Our Mission

Teach all people to know, love, and serve God according to the Bible.
Help all people through the explanation of the Word of God to win to have a life of Success and Victory.

Our Courses

We have at your disposal the online courses of the Escola Bíblica and Ministerial 1 and 2.
Click on the images to learn more about each one of them.

Our history

Maná Biblical School (EBM) began in 1989 at Maná Church facilities in Alvalade.
From that date until 1993, the Course was dedicated to the Spiritual part and specifically for Pastors of Maná Ministry and lasted 11 months (school year).

In 1994 EBM undergoes a change of management and acquires its own facilities.

In that same year, there was a major restructuring, changing the Curriculum of the course both in the Spiritual area and in the introduction of the Administrative part, and from then on, the course started to last for three academic years, which lasted until 1996.

In 1997 thanks to computers, EBM and EMM managed to reach Africa, Brazil, and Europe.

Due to the growth of the School and the increase in students in 1997, the School had the need to expand by creating the Schools by extension taught by computer, thus having a new strategy, with the course divided into two parts:

1st Part – A school year for EBM, open to all brothers and Denominations.
2nd Part – Two academic years, only for the members of the Maná Ministry, thus giving rise to the new Maná Ministerial School (EMM).

In 2000, we continued with the same work method. Managing to implement 100 Schools at a national level, and 20 at an international level, managing to reach a total of 1,500 students.

In 2001 and 2002 we continued with the same method, 1 year for the Escola Biblica and the following 2 years corresponding to the Ministerial School, being live at the Headquarters in Lisbon and by extension became Cds (Portugal, Europe, Africa, and Brazil).

In 2003 and 2004, EBM undergoes a major transformation with the appearance of the ManáSat Satellite Channel, with the EBM course becoming integrated into the ManáSat2 Channel Programming, broadcasting live throughout Portugal, Europe, and Africa. With this great revolution, we had 2500 students.

Accompanying the development and expansion of the “Digital World”, EBM creates its Internet site, in order to expand its area of ​​coverage and provide all interested parties with the greatest facility for obtaining information.

It was also in 2003 that Escola Bíblica Maná and Universidade Lusófona signed a protocol that allows all students who have completed Escola Bíblica and the 12th year of schooling to enter the 3rd year of the Course of Sciences of Religions, of the Lusófona University.

The year 2005 could be translated as the “Year of Change”.
It is from this year that EBM increases its curriculum of subjects, forcing the increase of the academic year from 11 months to 12 months.
The EBM changes premises, now being located in the same building as the International Administration, with this change the School’s infrastructures take on much larger dimensions than those previously existing, with much better logistics and conditions.

In 2006, the implementation process of EBM Online was completed, with the entire curriculum made available to all those who wish to complete their studies via the Internet. Thus, EBM enters full steam into the era of globalization, bringing the teaching of the Word of God to all parts of the world.

In 2007, in order to go further and meet the needs of the Church, all classes are translated into Spanish due to the great increase in the ministry in Spain and Latin America.
The translations into English and Russian begin to be structured.

In this context, the inauguration of the EBM facilities in Luanda-Angola should also be highlighted, which brought to the students of that nation a true fervor to exalt Jesus for the quality of the project achieved.

In 2008 we continued with the Internet dynamics, and at the headquarters with live teachers. We continue to implement and streamline the school with new subjects and teachers. There was also a restructuring of the School’s manuals, as the subjects were updated and revised.

2009 was the year of many changes in terms of the structure of classes, as we started to give classes at the headquarters through multimedia discs and with live teachers. In local churches, for greater motivation, live classes were given through manasat and with the “New Dynamic”.
At the end of 2009 (October), the process that already came from the headquarters was implemented in local churches, classes transmitted through multimedia discs and with live teachers, “New Dynamic”.

In 2010, with the new structure, classes at the headquarters were canceled and were only broadcast in local churches.
The big news in 2010 was having the Ministerial School on a multimedia disk plus live teachers (New Dynamic) in all the local churches.

EBM currently has the course available in Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and English, with students from all over the world.
EBM has grown from year to year, always teaching how to win by God’s methods.


Some photos of our classes