Escola Bíblica Course

General information

All information necessary to know about the Escola Bíblica Course.
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The Escola Bíblica Maná (EBM) is for all people who want to learn more about the Word of God (BIBLE), regardless of their religious belief, with a minimum age of 16 years.

Currently, the Bible School course is available in Portuguese, English, Spanish, and Russian.

The School Management will always be attentive to the moral conduct of the student, suspending him from attending classes whenever he has a bad testimony or is involved in wars, disputes, murmuring, etc…

Through the online course, you can study anytime and anywhere. Your study routine adapts to your life and not the other way around, which is the method preferred by thousands of EBM students.

The Course consists of 12 Modules, and the appropriate accesses are sent by email after they are donated.

The number of accesses to be received simultaneously depends on the value of each donation. Example: If a student makes a donation corresponding to the value of the course, access will be given to all 12 modules of the course.

At the end of each subject, the student has an online test to take, immediately knowing the grade obtained.

The Escola Bíblica is a department of the Maná Church, which aims to teach students to build their lives in Jesus and to overcome the world, the devil, and adverse circumstances. 

The amount donated by the students is a voluntary contribution to the love of Jesus so that Church can continue to develop the project to take the Gospel further and further and more souls to be won for the Lord Jesus Christ. 

20,00 € (value per module)
The total cost of the course is  240€ and can be donated all at once or up to 12 times. 

R$ 50,00 (value per module)
The total cost of the course  is R$ 600,00 and can be donated all at once or up to 12 times 

1) If you are a member of the Maná Church and your country is not listed, contact your local church to confirm the amount of your donation for the course in your country. 
2) If you are not a member of the Maná Church, you can benefit from the amount and ways of donation in the country where you are located, so send us an email to so that we can provide toy with more detailed information or contact your donation through the data that are indicated on the website.

At the Local Church or by bank transfer. 

Recipient: Maná
Conta: 0432806702081
NIB: 0018 0008 0432 8067 0208 1
IBAN: PT50 0018 0008 0432 8067 0208 1

CHAVE PIX: (CNPJ)17.044.331/0001-2

It is the student who sets his/her timetable.

You have up to 2 years (24 months) to finish the course, and the student can finish the course much earlier according to their pace of study. 

If you are unable to finish within the specified deadlines, the course will be canceled. 

The vacation period will be according to the student’s availability, since the course is done via the internet, the student makes his/her own schedules and vacation periods.  

However, if a student does not access their account for a period of 90 days, the course will be automatically canceled and to access our course again, the student will have to register again and start everything from the first module.


CLASSROOM COURSE = In some Maná Churches in Angola
There are 2 classes, each lasting 12 months.
Group nº1 – Starts February and ends at the end of January. 
Group nº2 – Starts in October and ends at the end of September.

Each class has 2 vacation periods, both according to the School calendar, summer and winter (Christmas). 

At the end of each module, the student taking the course outside the local church has an online test to take. After taking the test, the student is immediately aware of the grade he obtained. 
All students who take the course at the local church will take a test that will be printed by the head of the school. The test will be corrected by the person in charge of the school who will communicate the grade of each student to the International Headquarters. 

Students will only receive the Escola Biblica certificate after successfully completing the 12 modules.

CLASSROOM COURSE = In some Maná Church in Angola
Students are evaluated based on their attendance at classes. Students can only miss 30 days during the school year.

Absences given for the following reasons will not be considered:
a) Death of a family member (1 day)
b) Childbirth (30 days)
c) Illness (when presented with a medical certificate)
d) Rotating shift (upon presentation of proof)

Available in languages:

Portuguese  –  English  –  Spanish  –  Russian